Established in 1986, Terragram Pty. Ltd. is a design practice focusing on the visual and environmental aspects of the urban environment. The practice has an international reputation for creative and innovative design. While a considerable number of our projects are in the realm of the urban landscape / gardens, much attention is also paid to civic design, environmental art, technological innovation and design experimentation.

Our efforts have been acknowledged by a number of national and international design competition awards, and our work has been widely publicised in Australia and overseas.

Our practice is distinguished from commercial firms by our strong emphasis on multifaceted exploration of design opportunities, and a commitment to always searching for unusual solutions. We believe that each project offers an opportunity for a unique outcome.
Our practice has a record of successful collaboration on projects of considerable complexity. We have enjoyed this collaboration, and believe that the outcomes demonstrate the benefits of creative dialogue. Indeed a long working relationship with a number of leading Australian Architects is evidence of our commitment to the process.

Our services are frequently sought by sophisticated clients who insist on the highest possible quality of design and execution. Many of our clients return back to us - definitely a sign of their appreciation and satisfaction with our service.

Our projects range from multimillion dollar developments such as ‘Fusionopolis’ in Singapore (jointly with Oculus)and ‘The National Museum of Australia’ (under the name Room 4.1.3); to modest in size but high profile projects in Australia and overseas.

Terragram has been involved in projects in the following countries: Australia, Bolivia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Caledonia, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States of America and Vietnam.

The company consists of a small staff of dedicated Landscape Architects, Architects and Horticulturalists and frequently involves external specialists from Australia and overseas.
Despite Australia’s geographic remoteness, the international scope of Terragram’s designs, particularly in the area of urban garden design is undeniable. This is exemplified by the inclusion of Terragram’s designs in more than 30 books, numerous publications, radio and television programs, and multiple design awards. Terragram’s gardens combine few elements (characterising minimalism), with theatrical aspects of performance art.

The work of Terragram is not limited to the creation of small, individually tailored city oases. We approach all projects as unique, seeking solutions that are innovative, practical and well designed to the last detail.
Our projects range from large scale conceptual urban scale propositions, to small spaces conducive to human interaction.

If you would like to contact us go to : terragrm01@iinet.net.au



The work of Terragram/Room 4.1.3 would not be possible without the contribution of its collaborators and staff. Present and Past are united in the following list:

Alfred Barnard
Agnes Brejzek
Lukas Bures
Elizabeth Burt
Anthony Charlesworth
Dib Dib
Robert Faber
Jakub Finger
Daniel Firns
Eva Flegmann
Kioshi Furuno
Luca Ginoulhiac
Linda Halustok
Scott Hawken
Peter Ireland
Gesine Kippenberg
Cony Kolmann
Silvia Krizova
Anita Madura
Paul Moravcik
Elke Morneweg
Andrew Nugent
Maren Parry
Zuzana Piackova
Oleg Putilin
Eva Sitta
Jana Stojanov

Richard Weller (former partner in Room 4.1.3)