Boundary Street

An inner city warehouse conversion was complemented by a new housing block. The inner courtyard garden makes good use of limited space.  It is constructed over underground parking and tucked between apartment buildings. The space is not easily found and when first discovering it, one has a sense of a forbidden place.  It is as if neither you nor the space are really supposed to be there. 

The feeling of encountering a stolen green space is enhanced by the mischievous nature of the design, which hints at a surf culture.  The benches emerge as surfboards riding “waves” of trellises. The sculptural curving trellises support frolicking climbers who’s hairy tentacles enclose around you, offering a sense of protection and privacy from voyeurs above. Accent tiles in primary colours boldly mark the horizontal plane encouraging playfulness and demonstrating the designers’ ever-present sense of humour.
This space is robust and multipurposed, offering relief from an intensely urban environment.  It is meant to be played in and enjoyed at ground level as well as viewed from the apartments above.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Project Team: Terragram Pty Ltd
Architects: Allen Jack + Cottier
Landscape Contractor: Bates Landscape Services
Client: Brentwood Corporation

Year: 1997-2000