CITC Square, Beijing

A large layered park over an underground station, retail and cultural facilities. Located in central Beijing this park is intended to become a destination, targeted at a large population. Characteristic for this park is the functional overlapping, the confetti like lanterns bringing light to spaces below.

CITC Square is a 3.2-hectare ‘urban’ park that covers and entire city block. Designed to be a modern park in a modern city, CITC Square connects to the various layers of the city: to the commercial and residential, to the transport, the cultural and the natural. By situating 30,000m² of retail space, 10,000m² of exhibition space, 30,000m² of car parking below the park and 5,000m² of office space above ground, the design brings together modern Chinese culture with a contemporary interpretation of traditional Chinese landscape and gardens.

Location: Beijing, China

Project Team: Terragram Pty Ltd
Architects: Allen Jack + Cottier
Client: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design

Year: 2005 - construction ongoing