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Fusionpolis is stage 1 of a 20 year major urban development called ‘One-North’, an area of approx 200ha in central Singapore. The aim of Fusionpolis is to create a self contained city where a critical mass of creative businesses, science, technology and the arts will be drawn to live, work and play.
The word fusion also refers to the fusion of building and nature – it contains more than 10 000sqm of gardens together with a sizeable public domain at the ground level.
The building has been designed by the guru of the metabolist movement Kisho Kurokawa, and is based on “Vertical Zoning”, which promises a plethora of gardens and its own energy production, and complete organic waste recycling. It combines housing, work, commercial and public space within 3 major towers.

Location: Singapore

Design Team: Terragram Pty Ltd (formerly Room 4.1.3) and Oculus Landscape Architects
Architects: Kurokawa Architects
Client: Jurong Consultants

Year: 2003-2008