The property is a characteristic rural 19th century homestead located in country New South Wales.
The garden was designed in increments.  The loosely structured landscape was gradually transformed into a series of “rooms” to accommodate the typical requirements of luxurious country living (pool, tennis court, terraces etc). 

The immediate surroundings of the homestead adopt loose clues from existing buildings. Other buildings coexist in a mutually sustaining bond without one dominating the other. The garden does not have many clear destinations.  It is a series of suggestive fragments and visual metaphors that are brought together only by those who elect to explore them.

Further away from the central building cluster, the garden changes into a world of its own making.  While each room serves a specific need and exists on its own, together they form a cohesive but varied setting full of unexpected incidents and experiences which invite imaginative exploration.

Location: South Western Slopes, New South Wales, Australia

Project Team: Terragram Pty Ltd
Landscape Contractors: Carl Valerius and Bates Landscape Services

Year: 1989 - ongoing