Garden of Ghosts - Suburbia Transformed 2.0 Garden of Ghosts - Suburbia Transformed 2.0

Garden of Ghosts - Suburbia Transformed 2.0

Competition: Suburbia Transformed 2.0 International Competition 2012

The Garden of Ghosts has been selected to receive an award for built and visionary residential landscapes 'that go beyond "green" by explicitly using sustainable strategies, tactics and technologies to enrich the aesthetic spatial experience of people' and 'serve as examples for transforming the suburban residental fabric, one garden at a time'.

The garden will feature at a public exhibition at the James Rose Center for Landscape Architectural Research and Design, New Jersey, USA (opening May 19th 2012), as well as being part of a travelling exhibition (beginning August 31st 2012).

Note: Please visit Garden of Ghosts, in the Private Work section of our website, for more information and photos on this project.

Also please check for any updates on this exhibition.