Garden of Walls

The Garden of Walls is located on a steeply graded rocky outcrop in a Sydney suburb. The steeply graded rock outcrop disrupting the medium-sized suburban block is typical of this district of Sydney. Extensions to the house required appropriation of the original garden space. Rather than a simplistic approach the existing rock becomes the setting for a re-presentation of topology. A series of rising and overlapping walls create pockets of level ground - semi-secret gardens incrementally revealed as one walks through.

This is a new kind of family space, its colours signifying pleasure of a more modern and cosmopolitan kind. Masonry blade walls, of rendered brick, are juxtaposed on the tight contours in a kind of theatrical skyline, enhanced during rain. Belying the two-dimensional flatness, pathways are eased into the space between the inclines. Tall foxtail grass planting conceals handrails and prevents dangerous play, while promoting intimate play spaces for the children of the family.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Project Team: Terragram Pty Ltd     
Landscape Contractor: Above the Earth

Year: 1998