Photograph courtesy of Jardins de Metis 2012 Photograph courtesy of Jardins de Metis 2012

Noli tangere, Jardins de Metis 

Location: Quebec, Canada

Client: International Garden Festival 2011, Jardins de Metis

Project Team: Terragram Pty Ltd

Year: 2010-2012

Noli tangere was 1 of 3 winning proposals from 194 entries, in the 2010 International Garden Festival competition, themed 'Secret Gardens'.

Increasingly urbanised life keeps us from many wonders available to those fortunate enough to roam, play and rest in the high wildflowers and grasses of meadows. In our garden, we seek to unravel the secret life in gardens and the smallest creatures that inhabit them. Noli tangere, has three very distinct experiences - from the distance, a bizarre giant hairy and green mass, from the underneath a dark, concealed underworld, and through its openings, an undulating surface of flowering meadow. The experience of emerging through openings, is almost like a mole peeping out of its burrow, to be surrounded by a forest of plant stalks and flowers, and their tiny inhabitants.