Laneway Art Proposal - Picnic Laneway Art Proposal - Picnic

Laneway Art Proposals: Picnic & Chairs

Location: 'Picnic' proposed for Sydney Square, Sydney CBD
'Chairs' proposed for Barrack Street, Sydney CBD

Client: Laneway Art & City Spaces 2012 Program, City of Sydney

Design Team: Georgina Beier (artist) + Terragram

Year: 2012

'Picnic' constituted a giant table (approx. 14m long x 1.2m wide) painted with the vibrant and symbolic art of Georgina Beier. The table, a symbol of people converging, becomes her canvas. Grass seats around the table, form unexpected seating. ‘Picnic’ is actually completed, only through interaction with its users.

Chairs, consists of a number of colourfully painted chairs or “thrones” sprinkled through Barrack Street – principally simple plywood seats with un-proportionally tall backs. Normally, 'thrones' like this, emphasised hierarchical arrangements in the society. Here, everybody can be a king of an unknown kingdom. Each chair would hold its own symbols, characters and stories. Animated figures in the paintings would become almost like guardians watching over those seated, and even when not in use will appear as in dialogue with one another.