Doniambo, New Caledonia


The competition called for a Masterplan for the transformation of the site of a large Nickel smelter in Noumea, New Caledonia.
Among other issues a solution for the enormous amount of scoria, an inert waste product of the Nickel production that is currently being dumped randomly on site was to be found.

The new landscape created by the topographical manipulation of the vast scoria deposit should be recognized as a significant cultural work that reflects the relationship between society and nature.
What is currently an eyesore could become a unique landmark that will give new identity to the entrance into Noumea Harbour.
The transformation of the vast deposit of inert materials into almost 90 hectares of parkland will be a relatively long process requiring an ongoing commitment from Le Nickel.
Despite the undeniable clarity of the proposed ground modelling the concept retains its flexibility allowing for gradual implementation and transformation.
In this landscape ecological objectives and artistic goals are placed side by side.
The landscape is not initially envisaged to receive any visitors. Whilst visual and formal qualities are first to be noticed, the landscape will also serve as a matrix for a range of experiences that include tactile, acoustic, and cognitive. The final function of the park will be determined in its interaction with the future users.

Location: Noumea, New Caledonia

Architects: Reichen et Robert & Associes, Paris; ADH Architectes, Noumea

Year: 2008