Mirrored Sky Garden

The Sky Pool garden is located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney on a steeply sloping site. A sequence of garden rooms were created to allow circulation around the residence.

Visitors are welcomed to the property by a manicured front garden.  The entry pathway is defined by a water sculpture.  A narrow channel of flowing water cascades from a carved headstone into a shallow reflecting pool at the base of the front door.  Due to a hidden spillway the water appears to flow endlessly, penetrating the residential fassade and flowing beyond the walls of the house into the back courtyard. A small footbridge allows visitors to cross the reflecting pool to the front door. 

The main courtyard of the property flows from the rear of the house offering infinite perspectives of the harbour.  This design of the courtyard is both an engagement with, and an intensification of its surroundings.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Project Team: Terragram Pty Ltd
Architect: Luigi Rosselli Architects
Landscape Contractor: Above the Earth

Year: 1995