Sydney in Bloom

Location: Sydney, Australia

Project Team: Terragram Pty Ltd

Landscape Contractor: Above the Earth

Year: 2005

This garden installation won an award for most innovative exhibition.

Are you short of space or perhaps live in an apartment with a balcony?
Or are your fingers only a little green? Or perhaps you like to grow fresh vegetables, herbs, flowers or bonsai? Would you like to change your vertical garden seasonally or perhaps when the herbs or strawberries are all eaten? Do you like an aquarium or perhaps a small terrarium? Do you need outdoor shelves for knick-knacks? The number of variations is only limited by your imagination!
Do you want to take your garden with you when moving? Here could be the answer.

This system consists of interchangeable green tiles (modules) that could be pre- grown in specialised nurseries and trays exchanged as desired. Commercially available high quality Tebrax brackets are used together with rails and powder coated trays with built in automatic watering. Moisture is stored and evenly distributed by Fytocell foam.

Fytogreen appropriated this concept without ever acknowledging its origins - perhaps a form of flattery..