The Stub

The Stub is an abandoned fragment of RTA structure in Sydney’s CBD. Connected with nothing, this concrete amputee is hovering more than one storey above the street, prominently displaying itself as a diagnosis of the obsessive behaviour of traffic engineers in the seventies.

The Stub is a source of conflict for many players in the planning of the city of Sydney. Our response was to re-colonize this monster with another monster…

It presents itself as an undulating green carpet of rainforest plants fed with rainwater harvested from the freeway above. We have not tried to disguise the artificial character of the proposal. It is parasitic green architecture charged with the mission to bring positive changes to the status quo. To achieve this it must be imbued with VIGOUR and DURABILITY, in other words to be SUSTAINABLE. Translating those criteria has led us to seek inspiration from the rainforest.

The carpet is attached to the under face of the freeway with a pulley system. The height of the carpet is determined by the volume and weight of water collected from the freeway – when there is more water the carpet will be closer to the ceiling of the freeway and when there is less it will move down.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Project Team: Terragram Pty Ltd with Chris Elliott Architects

Year: 2006