Edible garden Edible garden

Urban Farm

Location: Eastern Suburbs, Sydney

Project Team: Terragram Pty Ltd

Architect: Luigi Rosselli Architects

Landscape Contractor: Andrew Rowlands Landscapes

Specialised Manufacturer: Hi-Tech Precision Engineering

Year: 2008 - 2011

The era of purely decorative or lifestyle gardens seems to be definitely over. This tendency towards “urban farming” is even stronger, if owners can trace their origins to farming. A substantial part of this garden is dedicated to growing edible plants. There are fences that can be harvested (passionfruit), prolific lemon espaliers, herb carpets, and less typical but also edible plants. It is very likely that the lawn area surrounded by the edible garden, will also become a productive garden in the future.The backyard is as could be expected, an extension of the living room. The retaining wall received a few niches that further enhanced useability of this space. Terragram also designed the clothes line, chicken house, dog house and bird cage (manufactured by Hi-Tech Precision Engineering) – something not normally done by the landscape architect.