Water Courtyard

The Town House Courtyard is located on Sydney’s North Shore. It is a walled space, dappled with sunlight for most of the day.
The proximity of the public reserve enables the design to borrow tree canopies from the adjacent areas. This visual appropriation diminishes a need to have substantial vegetation within the site.  Despite the richness of colours and the wide planting palette the garden remains quite minimalist.  There is no focal point in this space and it is predominantly peripheral.
By revealing the courtyard walls and extending the grid of travertine strips across the narrow reflecting pool it appears as if the space is stretched. The strips were intended to become gradually rougher and more pronounced. The bamboo was lightly thinned to increase transparency. Small dark- leafed shrubs were selected, to add to an illusion of greater distance. A small cascade fills the courtyard with the sound of falling water.
When the sliding glass doors are fully open, the living room space is virtually doubled. Artificial light plays an important role in the spatial manipulation allowing numerous options for the shifting of focus according to one’s moods and preferences.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Project Team: Terragram Pty Ltd
Builder: Owner

Year: 1993