Waterloo Youth Facility - Flowering Community Icon

Location: Waterloo, Sydney, Australia

Project Team: Terragram Pty Ltd
Architect: Collins & Turner
Client: City of Sydney
Builder: Project Corp Australia
Landscape Subcontractors: Techscapes Australia Pty Ltd & Nick Johnston Landscapes

Year: 2008-2012

The community centre is located on a fault line between newly found affluence and a socially disadvantaged population that traditionally occupied the area. The building as well as landscape treatment, have to withstand a high degree of vandalism and reduce ubiquitous graffiti. The project is a result of close collaboration between architect and landscape architect and client. Plants play an important role, lending the building an appearance that counteracts its “tough” appearance when naked from greenery. As the plants will further invade their host structure, this building will become more and more green, acquiring almost an iconic character when lit or when covered by flowering plants. Treatment of retaining walls loosely echoes fractal geometries of the building roof. The openings based on Braille letters, are colonised by succulent plants.